Eugenio CORTI

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Scoprite Eugenio Corti attraverso i due siti a lui dedicati:

The recognized MASTER in the canon of Italian literature of 1900

«One of the immense international writers of our time, one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest»

Sebastien Lapaque, Le Figaro

2024: 10
th year from his death
2023: 50th year from the publication of his masterpiece The Red Horse

Eugenio CORTI_ Il Cavallo rosso
Eugenio Corti - Il cavallo rosso


• first published in 1983
• 1080 pp
• 36
th Italian edition so far

A great choral story and an unrepeatable literary case.
More than 1000 pages of heart-wrenching and riveting stories of fictional characters taken from real-life events and the author’s background and memories, from the 40s to the 70s, set in Northern Italy around and in Milan and on the Russian front of the II World War.

Translated into 9 languages, still in print in Italy, selling millions of copies so far.
• In France: Noir sur Blanc, Paris, Lausanne – Age d’Homme.
• In English for USA: University of Missouri Press, Ignatius Press.
• In Spanish for Spain: Rialp Ediciones

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The protagonists are a young man coming to age and his Italian family, whose destinies merge with the most lacerating dramas of 1900. From the mid-1930s to the 1970s the story runs directly through the tragedy of World War II. From the Lombard territory around Milano to the frozen landscapes of the Russian Campaign, to the horrors of the Italian and European civil war, to the uncertainties of the first post-war period in Europe in 1946: with a great desire for redemption and reconstruction by the younger generations, up to the violence and ideologies of the 1970s in Italy and Europe. Captured by a dense plot, the Reader completes, from page to page, the extraordinary experience offered by great literature: he rejoices, suffers, laughs, cries, grows, together with the protagonists of the novel and, at the same time, realizes that he becomes more aware of himself, more aware of the mystery of life and the meaning of the world. The human person in front of destiny and history with dignity and awareness.

Eugenio Corti

About the author

Eugenio CORTI (1921-2014) was born, lived and died in the industrialized and lively countryside north of Milano below the lake of Como, the Brianza region. Corti has always been a great literary master outside of any group or school. With the epic of “The Red Horse” he showed that Italian literature can boast the “long literary step” and the supreme depth and vast narrative of Russian literature, by a Tolstoy or a Dostoevsky.

Eugenio Corti - opere